Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little G

G is a rabbit that I bunny-sit for on weekends when her parents go out of town.  She's been nicknamed G because even though she's a Checkered Giant she's small for her size - so just G.  I was inspired to make a simple quilt of her because of her bold contrasting colors.  She has the cutest face with those big black splotches!  I also wanted to branch out a bit and work with some different materials.  For the background I glued paper napkins and newspaper strips to white cotton.  I painted the base with fabric paint and after letting it dry I did some sewing.  I put down a layer of tulle and couched the yarn down following the newspaper strips.  Then I took out my heat gun and melted the tulle.  All the time while I was working I expected it to be a lesson in failure because it wasn't until the last step that I liked what I saw.  Here's my finished piece:

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